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Curious Expedition 2 features a very wide variety of items - some are tools necessary for the player's expedition to succeed; others bring fame or fortune; still others represent the magnificent, strange, magical and grotesque items a traveler might find in far-off, unexplored lands.


There are many different items that will help you to survive and succeed in expeditions. These items will affect your sanity, health or any other stat. They are all helpful in a special way. You can acquire them at the ship shop or on islands.


Item Value Stack
Obj icon firstAid.png First Aid Kit
Obj item torch.png Torch
Obj icon climbingGear.png Climbing Gear
Obj icon dynamite.png Dynamite
Obj icon shovel.png Shovel
Obj item seaShells.png Sea Shells
Obj icon marbles.png Marbles
Obj icon nativeTrinket.png Native Trinket
Obj icon costonFlare.png Naval Flare
Obj item weatherBalloon.png Weather Balloon
Obj icon phonograph.png Phonograph
Obj icon treasureMap.png Treasure Map
Obj icon waterBottle.png Water
Mining Saw
Mysterious Egg
Baby Parasaurolophus

Sanity Items[edit]

Item Value Stack
Obj icon chocolate.png Chocolate
Obj icon whisky.png Whisky
Obj icon mango.png Mango
Obj icon tinCans.png Tin Cans
Obj icon coca.png Coca Leaves
Obj item redBerries.png Red Berries
Obj item fish raw.png Fish
Obj item cocaWine.png Coca Wine
Obj item cheapAlcohol.png Moonshine
Obj icon tea.png Tea
Obj icon tBoneRaw.png Meat
Obj item rawPheasant.png Quail
Obj item moonCakes.png Moon Cake
Obj item toad.png Hallucinogenic Toad
Obj icon hornFlute.png Horn Flute
Obj icon cheese.png Hard Cheese

Combat Items[edit]

Item Value Stack
Obj item escapeHook.png Escape Hook
Obj icon smokeBomb.png Smoke Satchel
Obj icon bandage.png Bandage
Obj icon overchargedBattery.png Overcharged Battery
Obj item betelNuts.png Betel Nuts


Item Value Stack
Obj item elixirBottle red.png Health Elixir
Obj item elixirBottle green.png Anti-infection Elixir
Obj item elixirBottle magenta.png Sanity Elixir


Item Value Stack
Wound-Closing Mushroom
Introspection Mushroom
Dream Mushroom


Item Value Stack
Obj item scroll fogBurn.png Fog Burn Scroll
Obj item scroll lowerGround.png Earth-Sink Scroll
Obj item scroll raiseGround.png Earth-Raise Scroll
Obj item scroll randomTeleport.png Random Teleportation Scroll
Obj item scroll worldRenewal.png Renewal Scroll

Fame Items[edit]


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