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Lux Labs Crest
“Lighting up the world”
“EdiBot: Adventurer! Welcome to Lux Labs. I am EdiBot, your guide and master. Lux Labs is where Thomas Alva Edison dreams up the future! You can join him. Or you can stay behind.”

Lux Labs is the Explorer Clubs that is all about technology and innovations. The club has some unique items and characters that you can purchase. It also lets you upgrade your equipment.

Lux Labs Club Shop[edit]

Like the other club shops you unlock items by leveling up your Club XP. You earn Club XP for Lux Labs when you finish an expedition and chose the club as a Sponsor.

Club Shop Items[edit]

Unlock Rank Required Ticket Cost or Ship Shop Cost Type Description Max Stack
Obj icon overchargedBattery.png Overcharged Battery Rank 4 8 Funds Inline20.png Usable in Combat Inline143.png A Lux Labs battery that has been charged until it is unstable and ready to explode. 10

Upgrade your equipment[edit]

Upgrading the spear will make it more powerful and add an extra dice face.

At Lux Labs you also have the possibility to upgrade your equipment against tickets. This way they get more powerful. See more about upgrading equipment on the Combat page.

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