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Taishi is the Explorer Clubs that is all about martial arts and the supernatural. The club has some unique items and characters that you can purchase. It also lets you train your trek members to level them up.

Taishi Club Shop[edit]

Like the other club shops you unlock items by leveling up your Club XP. You earn Club XP for Taishi when you finish an expedition and chose the club as a Sponsor.

Club Shop Items[edit]

Unlock Rank Required Ticket Cost or Ship Shop Cost Type Description Max Stack
Obj item butterflySword.png Butterfly Swords Rank 2 12 Ticket Inline19.png Hand Inline72.png Twin swords, each honed to razor fineness. Grants two dice, but replaces your normal attack. 1
Obj item scroll fogBurn.png Fog Burn Scroll
Obj item scroll lowerGround.png Earth-Sink Scroll
Obj item scroll raiseGround.png Earth-Raise Scroll
Obj item scroll randomTeleport.png Random Teleportation Scroll
Obj item scroll worldRenewal.png Renewal Scroll
Rank 3 8 Funds Inline20.png Scrolls Can mainly be used to terraform the terrain. 20
Obj item fireCrackers.png Firecrackers Rank 5 5 Funds Inline20.png General Inline196.png A string of small explosives. Scares away anyone nearby. 20
Obj item xueDiZi.png Xue Die Zi Rank 6 25 Funds Inline20.png Combat Inline143.png A vicious spinning blade designed to decapitate its victims. Has a chain for easy retrieval. 1
Obj item artOfWar.png The Art of War Rank 7 8 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png An ancient text on how to approach battle with wisdom and cunning. 1
Obj item woodenBreadBracelet.png Sandalwood Bracelet Rank 9 7 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png Protects against ill luck and evil influences. 1
Obj item amuletBag.png Amulet Bag Rank 10 10 Funds Inline20.png Combat Inline143.png A bag containing amulets to grant protection from unwanted effects. 8
Obj item moonCakes.png Moon Cake Rank 11 20 Funds Inline20.png Sanity Inline120.png A delicious round pastry that symbolises wholeness. 10
Obj item kongMingFan.png Kongming Fan Rank 12 6 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png A beautifully crafted hand fan. Use it thoughtfully and you will be rewarded. 1
Obj item repeatingCrossbow.png Repeating Crossbow Rank 13 17 Ticket Inline19.png Hand Inline72.png An ingenious weapon that fires a multitude of bolts very rapidly. 1

Club Shop Recruits[edit]

Unlock Rank Required Ticket Cost
CharactersForWiki 0086 3840x2160-2.png Academy Master Rank 4 8 Ticket Inline19.png
CharactersForWiki 0009 3840x2160-114.png Taoist Monk Rank 8 8 Ticket Inline19.png

Train Character[edit]

Choose a trek member to train and level up.

At Taishi you also have the possibility to train your characters against 5 tickets. The training will give the character 10 experience points.

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