Famous Explorers

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“As I sipped my drink that evening, I was approached by Percy Fawcett, famous explorer and hunter of the Lost City of Z!”

Famous Explorers are real-world celebrities of the Victorian Era. One will be your main rival during the campaign, and others may randomly offer to join you for a single trek along the way.

Unlike Leaders and Companions, Famous Explorers:

  • do not take up any character slots in your party;
  • do not have Experience Levels and thus cannot be promoted;
  • do not have a Loyalty Inline93.png attribute;
  • have a base Capacity Inline02.png of only 1;
  • have a unique drawback among their abilities;
  • have pre-set Equipment that cannot be changed in any way.

Note: Famous Explorer equipment has the same level as the current campaign year (1 in 1886, 2 in 1887 etc.)

Name Traits Inline74.png Inline02.png VigorDice.png FinesseDice.png EloquenceDice.png Hand Item Inline72.png Body Item Inline124.png
Percy Fawcett

70 1 1 0 3 Hunting Rifle Binoculars
Isabella Bird
  • Reveals Locations when entering a new Region

60 1 2 0 2 Hiking Stick Pouches
Jules Verne
  • Travel Time Days Inline07.png +50%

60 1 0 0 4 Hiking Stick
Annie Oakley

60 1 1 1 2 Annie's Rifle
Wong Fei-hung
  • Heal Speed Inline74.png +30%

70 1 1 2 1

60 1 0 3 1

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