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“The mental state of your trek members. Drop to zero and more and more catastrophic events will begin to occur.”

Sanity represents your party's mental capability. It is the primary mechanic triggering both positive and negative events.

The golden tick indicates the 30 sanity threshold. Keep an eye on that.

Sanity is the key to survival. You can monitor it on the top right of your screen. Always try to keep it at 30 or higher, as dropping below and resting can trigger negative events. If you cannot, still try to not get to zero sanity which will trigger an Insanity Event after a few days with very bad consequences.

The player spends a piece of climbing gear in the swamps to use less sanity.

Avoid moving through difficult or hazardous terrain, as these cost more sanity than moving through grasslands. Keeping terrain-specific travel items can help reduce these costs.

Also, try to plan your way ahead and move longer distances. Every time you start a trip you pay travel start costs, so many shorter trips will cost you more sanity than less long ones.

Restoring Sanity[edit]

Trek resting at healing springs.
Whisky gives you 20 sanity.

You can only restore your sanity in two ways: using certain items or resting somewhere overnight.

Since rest spots are few and far between, you will largely depend on keeping a stock of sanity-restoring items to consume during travel.

If you are lucky enough to find a rest spot location, stay overnight as many times as needed to refill your sanity. You can rest in villages, missions and several nature rest locations like a waterfall, healing springs or an overarching rock. The nature rest locations are especially interesting as you do not lose standing nor need to trade to rest. Depending on your route it might make sense to come back to the resting spots.

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