The Duke

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The Duke on the map.
The Duke welcoming you.

The Duke is a giant parasited sea cucumber that can create special potions in its stomach in exchange for some items. It features an experimental crafting system where a combination of two sanity items can create one of thirteen potions. Every potion can be created with different combinations of items. He can also sell you some sanity items in case you have none.

The Duke can only be found in the corrupted biome that you can access via a portal when the Pale Mask tribe took over an island.

The Duke has been added with the first free DLC 1.1.0.

How does it work?[edit]

These two items will become a potion.

You can give items to the Duke. When placing them into its inventory the items will shake if it is a correct combination.

The Rampaging Duke[edit]

There is also an enemy version of the Duke.

The Rampaging Duke is not willing to make business with you and is a powerful enemy. It spits rocks and poisonous rain out of its stomachs.

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