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Player is resting.

Resting is very important in Curious Expedition 2, it allows you to restore a big chunk of Sanity. You can rest at many different locations, sometimes it will cost you something and sometimes not.


There are many different locations you can rest at. You lose standing for resting in villages and need to trade in order to rest in missions. The nature rest locations are especially interesting as you have no costs. Depending on your route it might make sense to come back to the resting spots.

Icon Location Description Costs
MapLoc village ngulu 01.png Village Every island has at least one village. It is a location you most certainly come by. During Rest Events you always interact with the villagers. -2 Standing Inline131.png
MapLoc mission.png Mission It is very likely to have a mission on an island. During Rest Events you interact with the priest. Trade or have a priest in the trek
Capture d’écran 2021-08-25 002854.png Waterfall Will be found near mountains. During Rest Events you interact with your trek. None
Capture d’écran 2021-08-25 002920.png Orchid Waterfall A special waterfall that is also a key location for the Orchid Guardian Expedition. During Rest Events you interact with your trek. None
Capture d’écran 2021-08-25 003123.png Healing Springs Will be found near hills. Resting at a Healing Spring will also make you regain health. During Rest Events you interact with your trek. None
Capture d’écran 2021-08-25 002736.png Overarching Rock Will be found in deserts. During Rest Events you interact with your trek. None


These Perks allow you to enhance your resting abilities.

PerkIcon spiritualSolidarity.png Spiritual Solidarity
Mission Rest is free
PerkIcon freshAirFanatic.png Fresh Air Fanatic
Nature Rest nightly Sanity Inline120.png +2
PerkIcon polyglot.png Polyglot
Village Rest Standing Inline131.png cost -1, -1/level-up

Rest Events[edit]

Night Rest Event at a Healing Spring.
The golden tick indicates the 30 sanity threshold. (If possible) Try to get over 30 sanity before starting to rest.

Every time you decide to rest, the game will trigger a rest event. Depending on how much Sanity you currently have it will be negative or positive. If you are under the 30 threshold (represented by a golden tick on the sanity spiral) you will get an unfavorable event, whereas if you are over it the event will be more helpful.

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