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Steam achievements were added to Curious Expedition 2 as part of the 1.0 Preview release. You can view the full list with your progression here.

One-time achievements[edit]

Goals that are accomplished through a single action or event.

Club competitions[edit]

Misc achievement For the Club!
Participate in a Club Competitions
Misc achievement Dapper
Put on a hat


Interaction achievement A Gentle Beast
Tame the mysterious Red Elk
Interaction achievement Cold Blood, Warm Heart
Free the Salamander Prince
Interaction achievement Practical Palaeontology
Ride a dinosaur
Interaction achievement It's Complicated
Witness a cross-species love affair


Misc achievement Under the Table
Win all rounds of a drinking contest
Interaction achievement Spooky!
Meet a ghost
Interaction achievement Shortening of the Way
Kill a Giant Sandworm
Interaction achievement Fire and Flood
Kill an enemy using the environment
Interaction achievement Abominable Hunger
Allow an Abomination to eat a party member

Expedition Achievements[edit]

Short-term goals that involve completing a specific expedition, or completing a single island or expedition under certain conditions.


Campaign achievement The Adventure Begins
Finish the first expedition in 1886
Campaign achievement A Strange Artefact
Complete Act I
Campaign achievement Lost & Found & Lost Again
Complete Act II
Campaign achievement O Captain My Captain
Complete Act III


Leader achievement A Perfect Map
Fully complete a Cartography map on a 4-region island
Misc achievement Treasure Hunt
Bring back 500 Fame of items in one expedition


Misc achievement Frugal
Complete a standard expedition (non-story) without buying anything from the Ship Shop
Misc achievement Look Ma, No Equipment!
Complete an island with nothing equipped
Misc achievement Insomnia
Complete an island without resting
Misc achievement Zookeeper
Complete an island with an all-animal party (excluding leader)

Campaign achievements[edit]

Medium-term goals that must be realized within a single campaign, but possibly spanning multiple expeditions.

Character development[edit]

Scoring achievement Veteran Explorer
Promote a character to max level
Interaction achievement Good Mama
Raise a dinosaur from egg to adulthood
Interaction achievement Everything is FINE...
Get a character with 6+ mental ailments

New Year's resolutions[edit]

Leader achievement Plays Well With Others
Complete a year without your Standing ever dropping below zero

Campaign completion[edit]

Campaign achievement Traveller
Finish the campaign on Traveller difficulty
Campaign achievement Adventurer
Finish the campaign on Adventurer difficulty
Campaign achievement Lunatic
Finish the campaign on Lunatic difficulty
Misc achievement Iron Man
Finish the campaign without dying
Misc achievement Pacifism Ain't Easy
Finish the campaign without killing anything in combat
Misc achievement And Here Is Your Statue
Finish the campaign with at least 10,000 total Fame

Lifetime achievements[edit]

Long-term goals that can span multiple campaigns.

Club ranks[edit]

Scoring achievement The Round Table
The Royal Avalon Society: Reach max club level
Scoring achievement The Workshop
Lux Labs: Reach max club level
Scoring achievement The Great Library
The Taishi Academy: Reach max club level

Leader unlocks[edit]

Leader achievement Plunderer
Rob 10 Shrines
Leader achievement Cartographer
Discover 15 locations
Leader achievement Taxonomist
Kill 30 animal groups
Leader achievement Shennong Herbalist
Learn a tribe type 10 times
Leader achievement Red Flag Pirate
Find buried treasure 10 times
Leader achievement Nahua Seeker
Complete 5 islands without killing anything in combat
Scoring achievement Very Classy
Unlock all Leader classes

Bragging rights[edit]

Leader achievement Native Understanding
Fully complete 5 Anthropology checklists
Misc achievement Risk/Reward
Finish 20 three-skull expeditions
Scoring achievement Errand Runner
Complete 20 village quests
Scoring achievement X Marks the Spot
Find 50 buried treasures
Scoring achievement SCHMETTERLING
Collect 50 butterflies
Scoring achievement No Laughing Matter
Kill 100 hyenas
Scoring achievement Level Up
Promote a character 100 times
Scoring achievement Roll to Save
Successfully complete 100 dice challenges
Scoring achievement Discovery
Discover 500 locations
Scoring achievement I Set Forth Again... and Again... and Again...
Earn 100,000 total Fame
Scoring achievement Now I've Seen It All

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