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Curious Expedition 2 has a dice-based combat system. During an expedition, you might face dangerous wild animals or get into a fight with someone. It is possible to play the whole game as a pacifist but there are also classes like the big game hunter that are very combat-focused.

Quick Start[edit]

How does it play?

  1. Roll your dice at the start of your turn.
    • Actions: Every face that is not white is an action you can perform. Some are attacks that make damage, others are buffs for your trek and the rest are debuffs against the enemies.
    • Boosting: Another thing you can do is boosting a die. When you select an action, you have the possibility to boost that action with 1, 2 or 3 dice of the same color as the selected action. When you boost an action you chose to let go of the other die’s action but therefore you will have a much stronger effect on the selected action.
  2. You can reroll your dice once. It will automatically select the ones that yielded no results but you can also choose to add others.
  3. Once you have played all your actions you can finish your turn and it is the enemy's turn.
    • You can see what actions the enemies will perform next by hovering over the enemies. This is useful to plan your own actions.
    • When ending your turn you will gain or lose some sanity. This is your combat spirit. It decreases every turn, so you should always try to beat your enemy as fast as possible.
    • The enemy then performs their actions.


The Dice[edit]

the anthropologist's dice

Where do the dice come from?

  • The explorer and trek members: everyone in your trek has a unique die, some animals even have 2.
  • Hand equipment: every item that you can equip with your hand also has a unique die (mostly weapons). Make sure to have the item equipped to use it during combat.

There is a lot to strategize for combat in the choice of characters and weapons. Generally, you should always try to have as many trek members as possible and make sure they all have a weapon equipped.

Upgrade Dice[edit]

Generally, dice will start with 3 blank faces, low values, and the possibility to boost only with one other die.
When upgrading:

  • The dice will replace its blank faces with more actions and make it more likely to get the dice actions.
  • The action values will increase (for example a damage value will get higher and higher).
  • The dice can be boosted with two dice and then with three dice to make extremely strong attacks.

Character Dice[edit]

You can upgrade your character's die by promoting them.


Item Dice[edit]

You can upgrade your item's die by upgrading it against tickets at lux labs.


Dice colors[edit]

The colors are important for Dice Challenges and boosting in combat. In combat, you can always boost a dice with another die of the same color.

Meaning of the colors:

  • VigorDice.png Red dice are mostly about very physical actions.
  • FinesseDice.png Green dice are about actions that need delicate executions.
  • EloquenceDice.png Blue dice are mostly about smart actions.

Dice Action types[edit]

Common Actions[edit]

Action Type Effect Example
Damage Attack Damages the enemy and makes them lose health.
Strength Buff Strengthen yourself or your companions and make their attack more powerful.
Weakness Debuff Weaken your opponent and make their next attack less powerful.
Vulnerability Debuff Make an enemy vulnerable so that every attack on them will make more damage.
Stun Special Stun an enemy for a combat round. They won't perform their action in the next round.
Poison Debuff When empoisoning an enemy they lose health every turn.
Bleeding Debuff When making an enemy bleed they will lose health again at the end of the turn.
Fire Debuff When attacking an enemy with fire they lose health every turn. But the received damage decreases every turn until the fire is gone.
Shield Buff Sets up a shield for the whole trek. Every enemy attack first goes into the shield. Only after destroying it, they will continue making damage to the trek members.
Armor Buff When a character has armor the received damage is reduced.
Heal Buff Regenerate some health for yourself or your companions.

Special Actions[edit]

Action Type Effect Example
Bring back dice Special Brings back a random already used die.
Duplicate dice Special Chose a die to duplicate.

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