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Perks are additional abilities available to your Leader after each successful expedition. 3 Perks (new or upgraded) from a random pool are available in the Triumph screen, 1 of them from among your Leader's exclusive perks. Once acquired, Perks show up as green icons in your Leader's infobox.

Universal Perks[edit]

These perks are available to all Leaders.

Provisions Bonuses[edit]

PerkIcon negotiation.png Negotiation
Ship shop Funds Inline20.png +25, +25/level-up
PerkIcon medic.png Medic
Starts each trek with 1 First Aid Kit, +1/level-up
PerkIcon mycologist.png Mycologist
Starts each trek with 1 random Mushroom, +1/level-up

Sanity/Rest Bonuses[edit]

PerkIcon strongMind.png Strong Mind
Max Sanity Inline120.png +15, +15/level-up
PerkIcon loneSurvivor.png Lone Survivor
Bonus Sanity Inline120.png with no Companions
PerkIcon spiritualSolidarity.png Spiritual Solidarity
Mission Rest is free
PerkIcon freshAirFanatic.png Fresh Air Fanatic
Nature Rest nightly Sanity Inline120.png +2

Travel Cost Bonuses[edit]

PerkIcon impetus.png Impetus
Travel Start Cost Inline120.png -40%, -20%/level-up
PerkIcon amphibious.png Amphibious
Water/Swamps Travel Cost Inline120.png -2, -1/level-up
PerkIcon desertExplorer.png Desert Survivor
Desert Travel Cost Inline120.png -2, -1/level-up
PerkIcon jungleExplorer.png Jungle Explorer
Jungle Travel Cost Inline120.png -2, -1/level-up
PerkIcon climber.png Mountaineer
Plateau Climb Cost Inline120.png -4, -2/level-up


PerkIcon demolitions.png Demolitions
Dynamite Radius Inline113.png +1
PerkIcon heavyCarrier.png Heavy Carrier
Leader Capacity Inline02.png +2, +1/level-up
PerkIcon inspirationalLeader.png Inspirational Leader
Objective completion Loyalty Inline93.png +1 to 1 companion, +1 companion/level-up
PerkIcon practicalBotany.png Practical Botany
Needle Plants don't trigger
PerkIcon stealth.png Stealth
Attention Chance -15%, -5%/level-up

Exclusive Perks[edit]

These perks are available only to specific Leaders.

Big Game Hunter/Taxonomist[edit]

PerkIcon huntersCunning.png Hunter's Cunning
Combat reroll Inline09.png for 2 dice, +2/level-up
PerkIcon trauma.png Trauma Care
Combat victory Health Inline74.png +10, +5/level-up
PerkIcon warChest.png War Chest
Starts each trek with 2 random Combat Items, +1/level-up

Anthropologist/Shennong Herbalist[edit]

PerkIcon goodReputation.png Good Standing
Starts each trek with Standing Inline131.png +2
PerkIcon indigenousHabitats.png Indigenous Habitats
Village Reveal Distance Inline113.png +5
PerkIcon nativeDiplomacy.png Native Diplomacy
Village Ruler actions +1
PerkIcon polyglot.png Polyglot
Village Rest Standing Inline131.png cost -1, -1/level-up
PerkIcon culturalUnderstanding.png Cultural Understanding
Village Ruler meeting has no Standing Inline131.png requirement

Plunderer/Red Flag Pirate[edit]

PerkIcon archaeologist.png Archaeology
Shrine Challenge bonus die with 1 colored face, +1/level-up
PerkIcon artifactSpecialist.png Artefact Specialist
Treasures Fame Inline12.png +20%, +10%/level-up
PerkIcon raiderOfTombs.png Raider of Tombs
Shrine/Tomb Reveal Distance Inline113.png = 5, +2/level-up
PerkIcon undergroundKit.png Spelunker
Starts each trek with 3 Torches, +2/level-up
PerkIcon treasureHunter.png Treasure Hunter
Starts each trek with Treasure Map, +3 Shovels/level-up

Cartographer/Nahua Seeker[edit]

PerkIcon advancedCartography.png Advanced Cartography
Cartographic Studies Fame Inline12.png +15%
PerkIcon costonFlareExpert.png Coston Flare Expert
Coston Flare/Naval Flare Range Inline114.png +2, Radius Inline113.png +1
PerkIcon landmarkRecognition.png Landmark Recognition
Locations Reveal Distance Inline113.png +1, +1/level-up
PerkIcon navalSpyglass.png Naval Spyglass
Ship View Distance Inline113.png = 9, +3/level-up
PerkIcon surveyorsEye.png Surveyor's Eye
View Distance Inline113.png +15%

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