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Perks are additional abilities available to your Leader after each successful expedition. 3 Perks from a random pool are available in the Triumph screen, 1 of them from among your Leader's exclusive perks if any. Once acquired, Perks show up as green icons in your Leader's infobox.

Universal Perks[edit]

These perks are available to all Leaders.

Provisions Bonuses[edit]

PerkIcon negotiation.png Negotiation
Provisions Budget Inline20.png +25, +25/upgrade
PerkIcon medic.png Medic
Free First Aid Kits each trek (stack of 1, +1/upgrade)
PerkIcon mycologist.png Mycologist
Free random Mushrooms each trek (stack of 1, +1/upgrade)

Sanity/Rest Bonuses[edit]

PerkIcon strongMind.png Strong Mind
Max Sanity Inline17.png +15, +15/upgrade
PerkIcon loneSurvivor.png Lone Survivor
Bonus Sanity Inline17.png with no Companions
PerkIcon spiritualSolidarity.png Spiritual Solidarity
Mission Rest Cost Inline20.png is 0
PerkIcon freshAirFanatic.png Fresh Air Fanatic
Nature Rest Sanity Inline17.png +2 per night

Travel Cost Bonuses[edit]

PerkIcon impetus.png Impetus
Travel Start Cost Inline17.png -40%, -20%/upgrade
PerkIcon amphibious.png Amphibious
Travel Cost Inline17.png in Water/Swamps -2, -1/upgrade
PerkIcon desertExplorer.png Desert Survivor
Travel Cost Inline17.png in Desert -2, -1/upgrade
PerkIcon jungleExplorer.png Jungle Explorer
Travel Cost Inline17.png in Jungle -2, -1/upgrade
PerkIcon climber.png Mountaineer
Travel Cost Inline17.png in climbing Plateau -4, -2/upgrade


PerkIcon demolitions.png Demolitions
Dynamite radius Inline113.png +1
PerkIcon heavyCarrier.png Heavy Carrier
Leader Capacity Inline02.png +2, +1/upgrade
PerkIcon inspirationalLeader.png Inspirational Leader
Objective completion grants 1 character Loyalty Inline93.png +1
PerkIcon practicalBotany.png Practical Botany
Needle Plants don't trigger
PerkIcon stealth.png Stealth
Attention Chance -15%, -5%/upgrade

Exclusive Perks[edit]

These perks are available only to specific Leaders.

Big Game Hunter[edit]

PerkIcon huntersCunning.png Hunter's Cunning
Combat Reroll Inline09.png for 2 dice, +2/upgrade
PerkIcon trauma.png Trauma Care
Combat victory Health Inline15.png +10
PerkIcon warChest.png War Chest
Free random Combat Items Inline143.png each trek (stack of 2, +1/upgrade)


PerkIcon goodReputation.png Good Standing
Standing Inline131.png at trek start +2
PerkIcon nativeDiplomacy.png Native Diplomacy
Village Ruler actions +1
PerkIcon polyglot.png Polyglot
Village Rest Standing Inline131.png cost -1
PerkIcon culturalUnderstanding.png Cultural Understanding
Village Ruler meeting has no Standing Inline131.png requirement


PerkIcon archaeologist.png Archaeology
Shrine Challenges bonus DiceChallengeVigor.png or DiceChallengeFinesse.png or DiceChallengeEloquence.png (1 face)
PerkIcon artifactSpecialist.png Artefact Specialist
Treasures Fame Inline12.png +20%
PerkIcon raiderOfTombs.png Raider of Tombs
Shrine/Tomb Reveal Distance +5, +2/upgrade
PerkIcon undergroundKit.png Spelunker
Free Torches each trek (stack of 3, +2/upgrade)
PerkIcon treasureHunter.png Treasure Hunter
Free Treasure Map each trek, +3 Shovels/upgrade


PerkIcon advancedCartography.png Advanced Cartography
Cartographic Studies Fame Inline12.png +15%
PerkIcon costonFlareExpert.png Coston Flare Expert
Flares range +2, radius Inline113.png +1
PerkIcon landmarkRecognition.png Landmark Recognition
Locations Reveal Distance +1, +1/upgrade
PerkIcon navalSpyglass.png Naval Spyglass
Ship View Distance Inline113.png is 9
PerkIcon surveyorsEye.png Surveyor's Eye
View Distance Inline113.png +15%