Nahua Seeker

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Nahua Seeker with starting party

Nahua Seeker

One of 8 Leaders available to play as.

In game description: An indigenous adventurer who has set out to find their own answers. Follows a path of pacifism and discovery.

Starts with
Equipment Shamanic Staff
Companions Native, Sailor
  • Cartography
  • Reduced aggro chance
Unlock condition Complete 5 islands without killing anything in combat

Trait detail[edit]

Has two dice instead of one. But the dice have no direct combat abilities, they can only be used for boosting. On the other hand, these dice make the Nahua Seeker powerful for blue dice challenges.

Starts each trek with a Cartographer's Kit.

Cartographer's Kit gains Fame Inline12.png the more detailed their maps are.

  • Island Discovered : 0-100%
  • Locations Discovered : Count of discovered locations.
  • Fully Discovered Regions : Count of all locations were discovered.

Combat die[edit]


Ability Die Target Effect Boost
- EloquenceDice.png -

Just a blue die without special ability.

No boosting.

- EloquenceDice.png -

Just a blue die without special ability.

No boosting.

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