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Human Tribe Village

The village is one of the most important locations in Curious Expedition 2. Every island has at least one village and it is useful to look for it as you are able to rest there. There are different village types that will depend on the tribe that is inhabiting the island.

General Village Actions[edit]


You can rest at a village but will lose 2 Standing Inline131.png as you are using the tribe's hospitality. You can also give the villagers some of your items as a gift and earn some standing to be able to rest more. The Anthropologist and the Shennong Herbalist can get the perk Polygot that lets them rest while only losing 1 Standing Inline131.png.

PerkIcon polyglot.png Polyglot
Village Rest Standing Inline131.png cost -1, -1/level-up

Others like the Plunderer or the Red Flag Pirate can't rest in villages at all.


The village is always a nice place to barter. You can find local items and equipment there.

Meet with the Ruler[edit]

To meet with the ruler you must be worthy and have at least 3 Standing Inline131.png. You will be able to speak with the ruler once and decide what you want to ask her or him. You can ask her/him the following:

  • Ask about the tribe
  • Ask about a quest
  • Ask to recruit a villager

Human Tribe Village[edit]

There are two different-looking human tribes that have different-looking villages. Both can be found on Jungle, Drylands, and Prehistoric islands.

Salamander Tribe Village[edit]

Salamander villages can be found on the Archipelago islands.

Mole Tribe Village[edit]

Mole villages can be found on the Cavern underground lake islands.

Corrupted Human Tribe Village[edit]

These villages are human villages that have been taken over by the Pale Mask. All old tribe members have disappeared and are replaced by the people with the pale masks.

Highlands Village[edit]

Pict villages can be found on the Highlands islands.

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