Islander Huts

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Every island has at least one village and several islander huts. These are huts where locals live their lives away from the village. There are several different kinds of huts you can encounter.

Shaman Hut[edit]

You can encounter a Shaman hut and ask the islander to cleanse a trek member of an ailment (like alcoholism, arachnophobia, etc..). You have to pay for the cleansing by bartering and giving them some of your items. You can also generally trade with the islander and perform a ritual during a full moon.

Scout Post[edit]

When you encounter a Scout Post you can ask the islanders to uncover a part of the island for you. You can decide where you want them to go to and they will reveal the map around them and the locations they walk by. So you can decide if it is a good idea to go in that direction with your trek. You have to pay them by giving them some items.

Huntermaster's Lodge[edit]

The huntmaster is someone you can seek help with when you want to get rid of a dangerous animal or monster that is on your way. Against payment, you can ask the huntmaster to go chase and kill a certain beast for you. You can also barter with them.

Dinosaur Trapper's Lodge[edit]

This is the Huntmaster's Lodge of the prehistoric islands. You can ask them to chase and kill a dinosaur or trade with them. But you can also recruit some tamed dinosaurs. These tamed dinosaurs can become trek members and join you on your expeditions. Not all dinosaurs can be tamed, the ones you can recruit are the Raptor, Stygimolich, and the Parasaupholus.

Mole Outpost[edit]

When being in caverns you can encounter a Mole Recruiting Hut. You can trade there but you can also hire a Mole mercenary.

Dilapidated Shack[edit]

Sometimes you can encounter a hut inhabited by a poor man that once came to the island thinking he could find riches in this land but was now trapped and desperate. You can give him a gift and will get some sanity for your good act.

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