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Terrain represents the different land features and barriers inside expedition maps. Passable terrains deplete sanity to travel across: more difficult or treacherous terrain costs more sanity. Any travel has a start cost of 5 sanity plus the travel costs of each traveled tile. Hovering over terrain reveals its type, and potential routes display their costs when charting course.

Passable Terrain[edit]

Terrain Tile Travel Cost
Beach.png Beach 1
Plateau.png Plateau 12 (only 4 when using Climbing Gear)
ShallowRiver.png Shallow River 1
- Giant Cavern Mushrooms 9
CavernPlants.png Cavern Jungle 6 (4 when equipping a Machete)
ShallowLake.png Cavern Lake Shallow 3 (1 when equipping a Rubberised Waders)
LavaCrust.png Lava Crust 1 (Becomes lava after passage)
CavernFloor.png Cavern Floor 1 (0 when equipping a Hiking Stick)
- Swamp 9 (6 when equipping a Rope)
RockspireJungle.png Jungle Rockspire 6 (4 when equipping a Machete)
ThickJungle.png Thick Jungle 6 (4 when equipping a Machete)
Grass.png Grass 1 (0 when equipping a Hiking Stick)
Prehistoric plains.png Prehistoric Plains 1 (0 when equipping a Hiking Stick)
PrehistoricJungle.png Prehistoric Thick Jungle 6 (4 when equipping a Machete)
GiantMushrooms.png Giant Mushrooms 9
SulfurShallow.png Shallow Sulfur River 1 (-5 Health unless you equip a Rubberised Waders)
Tar bog.png Tar Bog 3 (1 when equipping a Rope, covers your trek in tar)
DryForest.png Dry Stone Forest 6
Rockspire drylands.png Dry Rockspire 1 (0 when equipping a Hiking Stick)
Drylands.png Drylands 1 (0 when equipping a Hiking Stick)
Desert.png Desert 9 (5 when using Water)
- Dimensional Fog 15 (10 when equipping a Amber Goggles)

Impassable Terrain[edit]

Terrain Tile Conditions
Mountians.png Mountain Can be blown up with dynamite
Sea.png Sea -
River.png River -
Lake.png Cavern Lake -
Lava.png Lava -
Stalagmite.png Cavern Stalagmite -
- Fumarole -
Sulfur.png Sulfur -
Chasms.png Chasm Can be the result of a shrine aftermath.

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