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Asking the ruler for a quest.

You can get a quest by asking for one in a village. You have to go see the ruler and ask her/him for a quest. These quests will appear as a side objective over your main objective. Fulfilling the quest will get you are a reward and improve your Standing Inline131.png. If somehow you decide that you don't want to do the quest anymore or simply can't dot it in order to succeed in your main objective, then you can ignore it.

List of Quests[edit]

When asking for a quest you will randomly get one of the following.

Image Quest Description Reward
GiftQuest.pngDeliverGift.png Deliver a gift The ruler will give you a fine piece of jewelry that you have to deliver to a nearby islander hut. It is a gift for a friend of the ruler.
QuestDigUp.pngStolenRelicquest.png Recover stolen relic You have to find, dig up and return a stolen relic of great importance. The ruler will give you a treasure map and shovels and you will have to find it.
Escortshaman.pngEscortShamanMap.png Escort Village Shaman The ruler asks you to escort a wizened shaman to a location of spiritual importance.
Escort the Chieftain (to a village / to Paris) The ruler asks you to be escorted to another village or even to Paris.
Kill Enemy The ruler tells you of a great enemy that had been menacing their people. She/he ask you to kill it and to bring back proof.
Collect Artifact The ruler tells you that one of their members had found a great artifact at an islander's hut. She/he asks you to bring it to the village.

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