Prey Animals

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Prey animals can be hunted or tamed. They don't have an icon like other wild animals but are directly integrated into the map. They will move to a new near-random position every 15 days.

Approaching a Prey Animal[edit]

When you approach a prey animal you can either try to hunt it or try to tame it. For both hunting and taming you have to do a dice challenge. The hunting dice challenge will be about getting red faces while the taming will be about getting blue faces.

List of animals[edit]

Image Prey Animal Island Types Description
AnimalsForWiki 0014 3840x2160-85.png Oryx The Oryx is a nimble, fierce desert survivor.
AnimalsForWiki 0012 3840x2160-89.png Parasaurolophus A calm-natured herbivore known for its large cranial crest.
Capture d’écran 2021-12-01 10402223.png Stygimoloch The Stygimoloch is a little dinosaur with a hard skull.

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