Shrine Aftermaths

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You can always find a great treasure in a shrine's altar chamber. However, if you take the treasure with you this will displease the locals, you will lose 3 Standing Inline131.png and your action will trigger a catastrophe.

List of Aftermaths[edit]

If you look well enough you will see that the map contains hints about which aftermath might be triggered if you steal a treasure from the shrine.

Image Aftermath Description Aftermath Hint
Mountain Blockade Huge mountains erupt from the ground and form a blockade you will have to move around.
Chasm The earth opens to form a giant chasm. The chasm will probably cut your original route and you will need to find a new way around it.
Forsaken Somehow you made all native inhabitants disappear.
Flood A big part of the surrounding area gets flooded.
Climate Change A drastic climate shift ravages the region and there now is a desert around you.
Lava River A lava river emerges from the shrine and makes its way through the region.
Poisonous Clouds The fumaroles erupt and fill the landscape with poisonous clouds.
Fog Mysterious Fog grows around the shrine. You shouldn't move through it.
ShrineNeedlesKaput.png Needle Plants Great spiky plants burst through the ground around the shrine. ShrineNeedlePlants.png
The holes around the shrine give the hint that this shrine will have a needle plant aftermath.

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