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The Explorer Clubs are entities that have a special interest in the discovery of the curious islands and the items explorers might find. They will sponsor expeditions in return for treasures and trophies. They are located on the Exposition Universelle and you can visit them when you are in the Paris Hub.

The explorer clubs also have item shops with items that you can unlock with your club experience. Each club has its own club experience and you gain some by going on expeditions sponsored by the specific club. You can purchase items, equipment and hire new companions at the clubs.

Royal Avalon Society[edit]

The Royal Avalon Society
“Once a gentleman, always a gentleman ”

Has some unique items and characters in its club shop like the Corgi or the Butterfly Sword. You can also go there and cure ailments of your characters.

Club Shop[edit]

Cure Ailments[edit]

You can choose which trek member's ailment you want to cure.

At Avalon you also have the possibility to cure ailments against 5 tickets. This is something you also can do at a shaman when you find one on an expedition. It can be helpful to cure some ailments that can endanger the expeditions.

Lux Labs[edit]

Lux Labs
“Lighting up the world”

Has some unique items and characters in its club shop like the Engineer or the Overpowered Battery. You can also go there to upgrade your equipment.

Club Shop[edit]

Upgrade your equipment[edit]

Upgrading the spear will make it more powerful and add an extra dice face.

At Lux Labs you also have the possibility to upgrade your equipment against tickets. This way they get more powerful. See more about upgrading equipment on the Combat page.

Taishi Academy[edit]

Taishi Academy
“Well well, what do we have here? ”

Has some unique items and characters in its club shop like the Academy Master or scrolls. You can also go there to train a character and level them up.

Club Shop[edit]

Train Character[edit]

Choose a trek member to train and level up.

At Taishi you also have the possibility to train your characters against 5 tickets. The training will give the character 10 experience points.

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