Highlands of Avalon

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The Highlands of Avalon DLC

The Highlands of Avalon DLC features a brand new island type (the Highlands) with new tile types, items, locations, enemies, and recruitable characters. Once the DLC is activated it will expand possibilities across the entire game, both in Campaign Mode and Director Mode. This is the first paid DLC after the release of The New Director which was a free DLC.

The Highlands[edit]

The Highlands Map Screen

The Highlands island type is surrounded by water and is the homeland of the Picts tribe. It is a very rocky island with valleys, hills, and lakes. It has unique locations like the Lake Serpent or the Giant Horn. Furthermore, the Highlands feature tiles of different heights, making it important to traverse the lands strategically.


Climb for 12 Sanity Inline120.png or walk up a foothill for 9 Sanity Inline120.png

The main tile type of the highlands island is the windswept plain. Some of these tiles are higher in altitude and are called highland plains, while others are almost at sea level and are called lowland tiles. Most of the time there are steep hills between the lowland and highland tiles, but sometimes you will find foothills that cost a lot less sanity to climb.

Locations & New Tribe[edit]

The Picts Islanders of the Highlands
Pict Ruler Hut

The Highlands are inhabited by the Celtic Picts tribe. The Picts are fearless warriors and good climbers.

Highlands Locations[edit]

Giant Horn[edit]

The Giant Horn Location

Your explorer can blow into the Giant Horn to either soothe prey animals or agro enemies around you. The soothing sound will let more prey animals appear around you. You can also leave some offerings at the horn and gain some Standing Inline131.png.

Wishing Well[edit]

Wishing Well of the Highlands
Dice Challenge to climb inside Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is some kind of magical well with which you can trade. You can also try to climb inside in the hope to find something interesting. You can do a Dice Challenge to see if you manage to climb inside or if you injure yourself or a trek member by doing it.

Pointing Statue[edit]

Capture d’écran 2021-11-29 154903.png
Capture d’écran 2021-11-29 154817.png

A Pointing Statue often points towards another pointing statue. When you read the signs well by succeeding a Dice Challenge you get the location of the next pointing statue. At the feet of the last pointing statue, you get rewarded by a pile of offerings that you can steal. You can also decide to leave them there and get + 5 Standing Inline131.png.

Wild Kobolds[edit]

Metting some Kobolds

When finding a group of peaceful wild kobolds you can barter with them and also recruit one of them. And last but not least you can make a Dice Challenge and hear a riddle. If you succeed in the challenge the Kobolds will give you some valuable goods.

Lake Serpent[edit]

The Lake Serpent
Lake Serpent on Map Screen

Sometimes you will find a Lake Serpent with a red aggro zone which means it will attack you if you are close to it. If you find a blue zone, however, it is a peaceful Lake Serpent. You can approach it and give it something. It will dive underwater and give you something in return.

Precious Clydesdale Herd[edit]

Clydesdale Herd

You can hunt or tame one of the Clydesdale horses. For both, you have to perform a Dice Challenge.

DLC Characters[edit]

Image Character Perks Health Capacity
PictShaman.png Spiritual Druid
  • +10 Sanity when eating Mushrooms
50 2
Scout.png Pictish Outrider 50 2
PictWarrior.png Tattooed Warrior
  • Pict Virtuoso: 10% increased Damage Inline143.png when using Pictish weapons
  • +5 Sanity Inline120.png from combat
50 2
KnightAvalon.png Grail Knight
  • Sets up a shield Inline40.png of 10 in the first round
  • Performs a taunt Inline155.png of 2 in the first round
50 1
Horsecly.png Precious Clydesdale
  • Extra Capacity
  • Reduced Climbing Costs -1 Sanity Inline120.png
60 4
BardPL.png Bard
  • Reduced Climbing Costs -1 Sanity Inline120.png
  • +1 Extra Finess Search Die
50 2
ScoundrelPL.png Scoundrel
  • Reduced Climbing Costs -1 Sanity Inline120.png
  • +1 Extra Finess Search Die
50 2
ShamanPL.png Fortune Teller
  • Reduced Climbing Costs -1 Sanity Inline120.png
  • +1 Extra Finess Search Die
50 2

DLC Enemies[edit]

Fight against a Stone Golem
Fight against Kobolds
Image Enemy Health Attacks
Golem.png Stone Golem 150
  • Heavy Fist - 20 Damage Inline143.png
  • Heavy Fist - 20 Damage Inline143.png
  • 10% Vulnerability
Bard.png Kobolds - Bard 50
  • Confused Mind - 25% Vulnerability & 5 Poison
  • Sound Crowed - 10 Damage Inline143.png
Scoundrel.png Kobolds - Scoundrel 50
Shaman.png Kobolds - Fortune Teller 50
  • Words of Power - 25% Strength
  • Sinister Snicker - 5 Damage Inline143.png & 5 Poison
Capture d’écran 2021-11-30 161100.png Lake Serpent 300
  • Gawky Nip - 20 Damage Inline143.png
  • Lost and Found - 10 Damage Inline143.png, 50% Flee Chance and 10 Bleeding
  • Permanently Immune to Burning, Stun and Weakness
Capture d’écran 2021-11-30 161204.png Black Wolf 80

DLC Items[edit]

The Highlands of Avalon DLC features some special items that can be found on the Highlands island type.

Item Value Stack
Obj icon fairyStones.png Fairy Stones
Obj icon koboldEarWax.png Kobold Ear Wax
Obj icon pictStoneFragment.png Stone Fragment
Obj icon stoneBirdCall.png Bird Call
Obj icon seaMonsterScale.png Sea Monster Scale

New Club Rewards[edit]

Avalon Club Shop with Highlands of Avalon DLC

In this DLC you can continue to level up your Avalon Club Rank. The max rank is 17 and you can unlock a character and 3 pieces of equipment.

Recruitable Character[edit]

Unlock Rank Required Ticket Cost
Knight.png Grail Knight Rank 14 8 Ticket Inline19.png


Unlock Rank Required Ticket Cost or Ship Shop Cost Type Description Max Stack
Obj icon avalonCuirass.png Knightly Cuirass Rank 15 10 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png Offers a little protection against even the fiercest of blows. 1
Obj icon magnifyingGlass.png Magnifying Glass Rank 16 8 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png A tool for uncovering everything from the smallest secret to the most ancient of mysteries. 1
Obj icon excalibur.png Legendary Blade Rank 17 25 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png A blade forged from unique alloys, whose creation is shrouded in myth. 1

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