The New Director Characters

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The New Director DLC features some new companions.

Pale Mask Tribe[edit]

Pale Mask Tribe took over Local Village

The Pale Mask tribe comes from another dimension and takes over local tribes. It can happen that you find local villages and huts destroyed and corrupted by the Pale Mask. When you find them on an island you can be sure to find a portal leading to their corrupted island.

Image Character Perks Health Capacity
PLShaman.png Pale Mask Shaman
  • +10 Sanity when eating Mushrooms
50 2
PLScout.png Pale Mask Scout
  • -2 Travel Costs through fog
50 2
PLWarrior.png Pale Mask Warrior 50 2


Explorer riding the Jellyfish
Image Character Perks Health Capacity
Capture d’écran 2021-12-01 103600.png Jellyfish
  • Gatherer - finds stuff every 25 days
40 3


Image Character Perks Health Capacity
Capture d’écran 2021-12-01 104022.png Stygimoloch
  • Hunter - Catches a Quail every 25 days
  • Extra Hunt Dice for Dice Challenges
60 2

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