Highlands of Avalon Items

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The Highlands of Avalon DLC features some special items that can be found on the Highlands Islands as well as some new equipment that can be found in the Avalon Club Shop.

Highlands Items[edit]

Item Value Stack
Obj icon fairyStones.png Fairy Stones
Obj icon koboldEarWax.png Kobold Ear Wax
Obj icon pictStoneFragment.png Stone Fragment
Obj icon stoneBirdCall.png Bird Call
Obj icon seaMonsterScale.png Sea Monster Scale

Special Avalon Equipment[edit]

Unlock Rank Required Ticket Cost or Ship Shop Cost Type Description Max Stack
Obj icon avalonCuirass.png Knightly Cuirass Rank 15 10 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png Offers a little protection against even the fiercest of blows. 1
Obj icon magnifyingGlass.png Magnifying Glass Rank 16 8 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png A tool for uncovering everything from the smallest secret to the most ancient of mysteries. 1
Obj icon excalibur.png Legendary Blade Rank 17 25 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png A blade forged from unique alloys, whose creation is shrouded in myth. 1

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