Status Effects

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Status effects are combat effects that provide either a "buff", a positive effect, or a "debuff" with a negative effect to an enemy or character in combat. Most status effects last for one turn, and will state otherwise on the status effect description if not. Buffs provided by equipment or perks are permanent. Status effects can be applied through a number of means including certain actions on combat or equipment die, enemy attacks, and consumable combat items. Any status effects on an enemy or ally can be viewed by hovering the mouse over them in combat.

Combat where both allies and enemies have status effects applied to them



Heal Inline15.png restores the health of the target(s) for the number listed. Healing from combat die cannot be used outside of combat. However, if you can eliminate all but one weak enemy that you can consistently either fully block with shield Inline40.png or can fully Stun Inline137.png, and as long as the Fighting Spirit is high enough that you don't lose Sanity Inline120.png then it can be a good idea to stall combat for a few turns to heal up your trek members.


Revive will bring a character at 0 Health Inline74.png back to the amount listed.

Adrenaline Syringe revives a character to 10 Health Inline74.png and up to 70 Health Inline74.png with boosts.


Shield Inline40.png sets up a shield for the whole trek. Every enemy attack first goes into the shield, only dealing damage and applying debuffs to the trek members after the shield is depleted. Any extra damage over the shield value will break though and hit the intended target. For example: If you currently have 10 shield and an enemy attacks one of you allies for 15 Damage Inline143.png, then 10 of it would be blocked and you ally would lose 5 Health Inline74.png.

Protective Totem provides +10 shield Inline40.png and up to +55 with boosts.
In game description for shield Inline40.png.


Strength Inline134.png increases all damage dealt by the affected ally or enemy by the listed percentage.

Stimulant Capsules provide +25% strength and up to +130% with boosts.
In game description for strength.


Armour Inline0200.png decreases all damage taken by the affected ally or enemy by the listed percentage.

In game description for armour.


Taunt Inline155.png redirects all incoming enemy attacks to taunted character. Higher taunt values increase the number of turns.

Bait applies taunt Inline155.png 2 to target ally. For the next 2 turns, all enemy attacks will target selected ally.
In game description for taunt.


Untargetable makes the affected unit untargetable by enemy attacks for the listed number of rounds.

Smoke Satchel makes one ally untargetable for one round.
In game description for untargetable.

Counter Attack

Counter Attack is a reactionary buff. It deals Damage Inline143.png equal to the counter attack damage to the next enemy that attacks one of your trek members. Will not trigger if all enemy attacks are skipped with stuns Inline137.png or the enemy cannot otherwise attack. It will still trigger if the attack is fully blocked with shield Inline40.png.

The next time an enemy attacks, Protect the Master deals 11 Damage Inline143.png to that enemy. This can be boosted by +16 for a total of 27 counter attack damage.
In game description for counter attack.
Counter attack triggering in response to an enemy attack.


Retaliation is a reactionary buff. Whenever the character or enemy with retaliation is attacked, they deal Damage Inline143.png equal to the retaliation value back to that enemy. This works well with taunt Inline155.png to guarantee the enemy targets the character with retaliation.

In game description for retaliation.
In game description for retaliation.



Stun Inline137.png prevents the next attack(s) that the enemy tries to take for one turn. Stunning an enemy multiple times can prevent multiple attacks if they were preparing more than one in a single turn.

When applied to the leader or a companion, one of that character's die get a stun effect applied to it. Stunned die cannot be used for one turn.

Cracking wallop has a base 25% chance to Stun Inline137.png 1 an enemy as well as do Damage Inline143.png. The chance to stun and damage can be increased by boosting.
In game description for stun.
Stunned die cannot be used for one turn.


Weakness Inline169.png decreased the damage dealt by the affected ally or enemy by the percentage listed.

In game description for weakness.


Vulnerable Inline165.png increases the damage taken by affected ally or enemy by percentage listed.

Flash Powder applies +20% vulnerable Inline165.png to an enemy. The effect can be increased by boosting up to +110% extra damage taken.
In game description for stun.
Two enemies affected by vulnerable in combat.


Burning Inline312.png deals damage at the end of the affected character or enemy's turn, dealing damage equal to it's value to them and then reducing the burning value by one. The target is no longer burning when the value reaches zero.

For example: The torch inflicts burning Inline312.png 5 to an enemy. At the end of the enemy's next turn, after they attack (or pass if stunned), they take 5 damage and the burning value reduces to 4. Then your next turn will occur and again, after the enemy takes their turn, they will then take 4 damage and the burning value will be 3. And so on...

Torch inflicts burning Inline312.png 5 on the enemy. This can be boosted up to a maximum of 32.
In game description for burning.


Bleeding Inline00.png deals damage to a character or enemy equal to the bleed value every time an enemy takes an action or attacks. This will not activate if an enemy was stunned Inline137.png and skipped their attack. This is more effective against enemies who are using multiple attacks in a round.

When applied to the leader or a companion, that character's die get a bleeding effect. Every time an affected die action is used or if the die is used to boost another die action, the afflicted character will take the amount of damage equal to the value of the bleed effect.

Sic 'Em inflicts 6 base Damage Inline143.png. This can be boosted to also apply +9 bleeding Inline00.png.
In game description for bleeding.


Poison Inline107.png deals damage at the end of the affected character or enemy's turn, dealing damage equal to it's value to them. The effect lasts until combat ends and additional poison stacks.

In game description for poison.


In the case where a character who is buffed with bonus Strength Inline134.png is targeting an enemy who is vulnerable Inline165.png, the bonuses stack multiplicatively. Take the below example: The big game hunter is using a fully boosted Cracking Wallop for 40 base Damage Inline143.png. They are dealing a bonus 16 Damage Inline143.png from their +41% Strength Inline134.png damage bonus (the first green number next to the base damage). Then another bonus 8 Damage Inline143.png by targeting the Guardian Wolf with +14% vulnerable Inline165.png.

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