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Traveling through the islands is a very important part of Curious Expedition 2. This is the way you spend most of your Sanity. Therefore you have to be strategic about where and how to travel. The islands are made out of hexagonal tiles so you can move in 6 directions on every tile.

How to travel ?

  • You can travel by simply selecting a tile.
  • Several UI elements will indicate how much Sanity you will spend.
  • The game will always make you take the most Sanity efficient way. But if you want to take a particular road for different reasons, you can add anchor points on your way.
  • By right-clicking you can stop a trip anytime.
  • Different tile types have different travel costs. For example, grass plains only cost 1 Sanity to travel through while hills cost 12. To learn more about that have a look at the page about Terrain.


You can adjust travel speed in the settings menu.

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