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“Once a gentleman, always a gentleman”

The Royal Avalon Society is the Explorer Clubs of gentlewomen and gentlemen. The club has some unique items and characters that you can purchase. It also lets you cure the ailments of your characters.

Avalon Society Club Shop

Like the other club shops you unlock items by leveling up your Club XP. You earn Club XP for the Avalon Society when you finish an expedition and chose the club as a Sponsor.

Club Shop Items

Unlock Rank Required Ticket Cost or Ship Shop Cost Type Description Max Stack
Obj icon hikingStick.png Hiking Stick Rank 2 12 Ticket Inline19.png Hand Inline72.png A sturdy walking stick that makes easy terrain a pleasure to walk on. 1
Obj icon tea.png Tea Rank 3 15 Funds Inline20.png Sanity Inline120.png A teapot and a package of loose-leaf tea. Provides a calming effect that reduces the stress of travelling. 10
Obj icon chakram.png Chakram Rank 5 8 Funds Inline20.png Combat Inline143.png A razor-sharp throwing disc. 10
Obj icon tulwar.png Talwar Rank 6 9 Ticket Inline19.png Hand Inline72.png A razor-sharp curved Indian sword. Deals wounds that bleed profusely. 1
Obj icon pithHelmet.png Pith Helm Rank 7 6 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png Protective headgear designed for use in tropical environments. 1
Obj icon karaBracelet.png Kara Bracelet Rank 9 6 Ticket Inline19.png Body Inline124.png Symbolizes an unbreakable commitment to God and good for blocking incoming blows. 1
Obj icon waterOfTheLake.png Water of Legend Rank 10 15 Funds Inline20.png General Inline196.png Rumoured to come from the isle of Avalon itself. Drastically reduces the travel cost of your next trip. 5
Obj icon carrierPigeon.png Heavy Carrier Pigeon Rank 11 10 Funds Inline20.png General Inline196.png A very large and carefully trained pigeon. Can return items to your ship for safe return to Paris. 5
Obj item falseGrail.png False Grail Rank 12 35 Funds Inline20.png General Inline196.png A holy artefact with powers of healing, but not the True Grail. 1
Obj item elephantGun.png Elephant Gun Rank 13 15 Ticket Inline19.png Hand Inline72.png A very large calibre smooth-bore gun. Extreme damage, but has a fierce kick that will disable you for a turn. 1

Club Shop Recruits

Unlock Rank Required Ticket Cost
CharactersForWiki 0014 3840x2160-105.png Sikh Warrior Rank 4 8 Ticket Inline19.png
AnimalsForWiki 0034 3840x2160-14.png Treasure Corgi Rank 8 8 Ticket Inline19.png

Cure Ailments

You can choose which trek member's ailment you want to cure.

At Avalon you also have the possibility to cure ailments against 5 tickets. This is something you also can do at a shaman when you find one on an expedition. It can be helpful to cure some ailments that can endanger the expeditions.

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