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“Gathering together the most accomplished explorers in Paris, I looked closely at each. Who would become my new right hand?”
The Leader Selection screen with six of the eight leaders unlocked, as of Alpha 12

The Leader is your chosen avatar, the head of your party and central member of any given expedition. Leaders are chosen at the beginning of the Campaign and cannot be changed or removed as long as they remain alive. At first, only the Big Game Hunter and Anthropologist are unlocked, but as requirements are met over the course of play, further explorers are added to the list of options:

Each Leader has unique abilities that will direct and in some cases restrict how adventures are played out. Some also have unique Perks available after each trek in addition to the standard perks.

Leaders start with more Health than Companions, and have a carrying Capacity of 4 instead of 2. They start the campaign at Experience Level 2.

Note: In the table below, Health and Dice Face columns are for start Level 1, and "Ability X, +Y/promotion" means that "ability" starts at X at Level 1 and increases by Y for each additional level from 2 onward. Since leaders start at Level 2, one promotion increase will already be applied.

Unique Perks

Leaders start with one pre-determined Level 1 Hand Item and two pre-determined Level 1 Companions.

Note: In the table below, the Dice Face columns show the number of faces of that color for each dice among the leader's own, their equipment, and their starting companions. Numbers are in decreasing order for column sorting, so the ordering of dice does not match across columns.

Class Hand Item Companions Template:RedDie Template:RedDie Template:RedDie Template:GreenDie Template:GreenDie Template:GreenDie Template:BlueDie Template:BlueDie Template:BlueDie