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'''The Explorer Clubs'''
'''The Explorer Clubs'''
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[[file: Crest_america.png|center|frameless|200px|link=Lux Labs|Lux Labs]]
[[file: Crest_america.png|center|thumb|200px|link=Lux Labs|Lux Labs]]
[[file: Crest_england.png|center|thumb|200px|link=The Royal Avalon Society|The Royal Avalon Society]]
[[file: Crest_china.png|center|thumb|200px|link=Taishi Academy|Taishi Academy]]
[[file: Crest_england.png|center|frameless|200px|link=Royal Avalon Society|Royal Avalon Society]]
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[[file: Crest_china.png|center|frameless|200px|link=???|???]]
[[Category:Explorer Clubs|*]]

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The Explorer Clubs

What does each Explorer Club seek from the Islands?

Lux Labs
The Royal Avalon Society
Taishi Academy

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